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Well, more about me.

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As narcissistic as that sounds apparently I've got to have pics to make this thing decent (bunnies seem to be popular [wink]). So with gratuitous hot-linking from a friends server here are a couple of pics.

Picture of me drinking at Valentines this year, first one I've been single over whilst living in Dundee. Marked the occasion by getting wasted and stripping for charity (sold for a mere GBP3.30, cheap-ass students!)

Post wrestling in Jam for charity, not an excuse to roll around in Jam with a bunch of nubile girls, oh no!

The obligatory bunny-suit shot, alas not of me but I think you agree my ex-girlfriend does suit it somewhat better.

Cheers to Bob for taking and hosting such great photos. If this works that is.
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Bah, its supposed to be linking through to your journal, fixed.

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Wow, you're definately too young to be drinking that.

Oh, and by the way, you look like the Shermanator.

Neither complement nor insult, just an observation.


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I just look too young, 24 in a couple of months. Woe is me. Still its happy-joy with the local female student population.

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