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I have seen the (Basic) Light!

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Hey, hope everyones good

I havn't updated in a bit since I have had quite a bit on but I have been scoping out other peoples journals and been keeping an eye on the journals I have become a regular to [smile]

Anyway, I have decided not to go into advanced lighting quite yet. I got basic lighting up and working (not that amazingly) but it still gives the illusion of depth to the level.
I am going to get back to lighting at a later date, its good enough for me at the moment [smile]. I am actually working out what aspect of The Engine I want to go onto next.

I am eager to start making content for game the engine is being built for. My gf and I have already started planning the content which is always a good start. So my next effort will probably be content, so that includes all the basics of character movement and things. Just get a basic interactive system working (Then get back to the lights [smile])

Oh, heres a quick shot of the test level in the world view of the editor:

Over and out
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