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Still lost on UV Mapping

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This the model side by side in different renderers. (Wings3D on left, DirectX on right)

for reference the texture being used.

Ok here's how I did it.
Before I was just inversing the V cords on the texture (v=0-v; or v*=-1; take your pick). This was still giving me screwed up results.
I started messring around and at the provoking of Black_Moons I inversed the culling. This made things worse but would lead to an eventual solution.

To get it working.
  • On Load Inverse Y cords on Vertexs.
  • On Load Inverse V cords on Textures.
  • SetRenderState(D3DRS_CULLMODE, D3DCULL_CW);

Bamf problem solved.

Side shot of above model
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