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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone, how are you guys today?

Well, the 'release' of the A20 update was a big success (ie. no crash bugs have been reported *knocks on wood*). We've been getting mainly good feedback, and the only real bad feedback was from the Mark the artist (who listens to him anyway[wink]), and it wasn't even that bad.

Unfortunately, today's entry will be a little more bring than usual, as I really haven't done much to Angels 20 since the update last night. The break I took allowed me to take a step back and play the game as a player, not a developer. I actually had fun playing it (a good sign), and I spotted a few little things that detracted from the fun factor.

Thanks to some constructive criticism from dgreen02 (ya know, the Gang War guy), and jnz86, I've already fixed some little things that I hadn't noticed when I played the game.

The 2 things I added/changed since the update are: I added a "laser range-finder/targeter" which translates to "a red line". The "laser"(har har har) is activated when you are armed with rockets or cannons, and you hold the spacebar down. It pretty much is a helpful little aiming device that assists you during those high risk strafing runs.

The second thing I did was change the fuel consumption down a notch when not afterburning. You just couldn't stay over the far end of the map long enough to do damage to the flak there.

The rest of the complaints I recieved were typically regarding level design (ie. The Medium Flak on the first island was too close to the carrier). Those can be easily fixed in the level editor(which I still haven't made 'pretty').

Well, it's about 3AM here, so I will talk to you guys later.

Dont Forget To Try Out The New Version Of Angels 20

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