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Hey, good news. Gamedev's finally put together RSS feeds for the developer journals, so if you've got blog-reading software you can now add your favorite gamedev journals (which will undoubtedly include mine what with my journal being the best one here).

Put the following URL into your blog reader of choice and you'll be set.


If you don't have any blog-reading software, check out Bloglines. It's a really nice free web-based RSS reader. From what I've seen, it's as nice as the standalone executable ones, but it runs entirely in your browser without installing anything. It doesn't put up ads or anything. My only complaint is that it appears to update its list proportionally with a blog's popularity. For example, my slickdeals.net feed (2,714 subscribers) appears to update itself almost immediately. My Geek Of All Mothers (2 subscribers) feed seems to go a couple of hours before it tells me that there's a new entry.

And I guess that's understandable. They're probably pinging 50 hojillion feeds a minute there, so they've gotta give priority to the ones that everyone reads.

Bloglines also makes a nice little gizmo that'll sit in your browser-of-choice's status-bar and will light up when one of your feeds has been updated.

So get to it.
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I mentioned this on the Lounge, but in case you missed it there seems to be a bug with the RSS generator. My journal never popped up on the general journal feed.

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It just went into general release yesterday. Hopefully all the bugs will be out in a little bit.

I'm also hoping that they add the RSS bit to the HTML header so the little orange button lights up on Firefox.

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