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I do like Fridays...

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It's great, lunch in the pub, whole weekend infront of me and sat here toasty and warm looking at the miserable weather outdoors.

Downside, after being in this job for a grand total of three weeks now I still have no flat in Dundee. Although oddly being homeless and living out of a bag hasn't fazed me as much as I thought it would. Probably because the last four years of living up here means I have a lot of floors to crash on. I lose the floor of my ex (her lease has run out and she is moving in with her new boyfriend) and gain the floor of Bob, two games programmers under one roof. Erk!

A project I was a part of this time last year, called Pixie Dust and developed in ten weeks (from scratch) by a team of five. It was for the DTBD competition and also netted the Scottish Students on Screen Interactive Media award and a nomination for the same award in the Celtic Student Awards.

Currently looking forward too: EIEF
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I hate to be a nag but it looks like your first link is broked again. (")

I'll play it when I get a chance. It looks very nice! [smile]

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Fixed, don't hold out hope of it working correctly. It was coded in a bit of a hurry!

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Cheers, its basically a third person platformer played with two characters. One, Amy, a little girl who can physically interact with the world (jump about etc) but is vunerable to most things and the other Shimmer is a fairy who can interact with the world magically.

Gameplay wise Shimmer has to defuse the 'traps' in the level through the use of her magical powers (growing vines, raising water levels, blowing down trees etc) to enable Amy to get from one end to the other.

It's not great code or play wise but it is a decent enough prototype. The art work is all the work of one guy who was pretty much worked off his feet for the whole time to get everything done. The bonus behind that is that we snuck in a game that turned out pretty good looking and most of the time during development had cylinders and cubes. Stealth! Theres a few elements of programmer art, the waterfall which I did, a boulder someone else made and the baked lightmap. Although the final version does have dynamic shadow volumes for some reason it's only enabled on the builds for the X-Box controller.

Theres a crappy res video linked from the site.

Basically we made it between our third and honours year at University, with our own engine etc. Was a lot of hard work, pretty much ten weeks of crunch for crap pay but at the same time a good experience. Judging was done by a variety of Industry types from EA, Rare, Codemasters etc. etc. and we had support from local games companies who loaned artists/coders for advice a couple of hours a week. We won the award for most Innovative Product with it.

Out of the guys who took part with me, one is now working for Rare, I'm making mobile phone games with one of the guys from another team that competed the same year as us for a company setup after taking part in the competition two years previous. One guy is renting cars. All the others are being lazy about job hunting.

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