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John <- bored again

This is Ron Penton's developer journal, but you appear to be trying to make it a poor knockoff of fark.com. I want to know about you and what's going on with your life and your projects, not about whatever wacky websites you've come across punctuated with obvious one-liner commentary like "WTF" or "that explains a lot".

Even your bike mileage-logs were more interesting than this, because at least they had something to do with you.

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It would be illegal for me to talk about the things I've developed since April.

So I have to do something else with my journal, no?

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Just a few hours a week brings in £30,000 a year.

Good grief..I wish I wasn't so slim now.

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In America, fatties are a dime a dozen. I could walk half a block in either direction, whip out $100 and get some big'n to sit on me. Sorry, but I can probably go to the nearest Mickey D's and have some lonely welfare momma do it for free. It's just not a valuable service here. Go figure.

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Maybe we can start a program in the US to have SKINNY girls sit on people.

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