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Introducing my Journal... Finaly.

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Hi, here's a quick introduction to my aims for this journal...

I plan to write a detailed journal of my own indie game's development, documenting everything involved, from the first spark on an idea, to perhaps, the finished games distribution.

At the end I intend to compile this along with the design and production files used, into a guide that might help other amateur developers walk the rocky path with a little more confidence.

I'm very aware of the other articles and tutorials that cover certain aspects of game development, there are also many excellent Journals maintained by some members, which also document their own projects. These are valuable resources, that I will refer to as the need arises. However, this Journal will not be a focused "how to" guide, or a generalized account of the immediate problems I face. It will be a documentation of the development processes I go through, probably including numerous links to other Articles, Journals and Forum threads. I simply hope to provide a good road map of the bridges I will cross, and the potential dangers I may face.

From now, until the final release of Axiom, I aim to update at least three times a week. I'd like to make this journal a down-to-earth example of a complete indie project, from the perspective of a new developer, with some, but by no means all the answers. With that in mind, the majority of my posts will detail my research, experience and reactions to many aspects of development. I intend to make detailed references to my research and quote many pearls of wisdom that help me out. A few of the major topics covered should including the following:

Writing the Design and Concept Documents,
Creating a Production schedule,
Managing Public Relations,
Team recruitment,
Team communication,
Asset management,
Demo Production,
And on, and on...

Most importantly, not failing! Which will be discussed in my next post.

I greatly appreciate your feedback on all my entries. As a starting point I would like your thaughts on my plans outlined above. How can I make it as clear and informative as possible? What information will benefit future readers the most? Am I completely off my head to presume anyone will care in the slightest?

Thanks for reading, come back soon...
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Oh man, that's pretty friggin' sweet! Welcome to journal land, I think I already rated you up for the MMORPG Rap/Song/Poem. Keep it real, post screenies, and update lots.


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Welcome to Journal Land. Here's your customary ratings++ for starting a journal.

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Thanks for the support, it means a lot to have you folks endorse this idea!

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