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Another week and socks with holes in

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Why is it artists don't like doing things the same way twice?

Pretty much all this week I've been fiddling about with our engine to implement some of the features for the next using our last games graphics. All very jolly, until we come to today when I decide to put in some of the graphics that are finished. Joy of joys that most of the graphics have changed size, tile size, similar tile location and in some cases expanded a whole range of choice.

If programmers had their way I guess things would end up looking a whole lot less interesting but would integrate seemlessly (of course!). ;)

The socks

Why have all my socks started getting holes in at the same time. Even ones bought more recently than others!

Weeks End

Still given this is Friday I guess summarising my progress would be an idea. I've basically got all the menu and HUD graphics in and looking as the artist intended (sadistic bastard that he must be!) and the extra-functionality to a point where I'm happy with it but might need to tweak some bits. But it is emminently tweakable, which is nice.

Weekend plans involve moving into Bobs place and probably a little light drinking, film watching and maybe even some other stuff. Who knows?
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From someone who went to Abertay Uni I can attest that finding a decent flat can be tough. I say tough because I opted for a student bedsit which was liveable but I wouldn't say pleasant. Moving in with someone is probably the best option.

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Bob is awesome, well he is the only one stupid enough to put up with me living with them.

ukdm - Been living up here for the past four years and trying to up my standard of living somewhat with having money but it seems there is a distinct lack of nice flats to rent so I may be forced to buy. Grrr.

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