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Space Station - Retextured.

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My brother re-textured the space station. It no longer has the lights on the side, but he did manage to eliminate all those nasty seems that I had on it when I textured it.

Space Game
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What API and IDE are you using?

And how (as you mentioned in the last entry) are you planning to control the size of your game?

Curiosity questions.


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I'm using DirectX in Visual C++. I need to control the size of the demo by restricting the amount of art work and sounds in it. The full version will probably be HUGE as a download, but I figure if you get to that point you'll probably be interested in it enough to tolerate a 100 MB download. I want to keep the demo at around 20MB because a big demo download discourages a lot of people.

BTW, weren't you one of the guys who had trouble playing my game? I'm trying to troubleshoot some of these issues now.


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Looks good, how do you intend to sell the full version, get a publisher, e-commerce, etc?

BTW, I had some trouble with there being a black rectangle around all of the objects in the game. I don't know if you fixed it already, but I just thought I'd let you know.

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I have no idea how / if I'm going to sell it. I would like to sell it, but right now I have to finish it first. [wink]

Sir Sapo... could I per chance convince you to make sure you've upgraded to the most recent driver for your video card and then get you to test my game again. I've been trying to hunt down these problems, and I just want to rule out a driver issue.


BTW I saw you have a new version of Angels out. I'll have to give it a try.

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I'm trying to troubleshoot some of these issues now.

i can help troubleshoot im pretty good at computers i posted something in GDnet lounge about fixing computers and now i cant find it so i cant reply to it
but im pretty good just tell me if you want a troubleshooter

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