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Impulse buying = Instant joy

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Stephen R


Last night I ordered 3d Engine Architecture from amazon, so that should arrive in a week or two. All the reviews of it were quite glowing, especailly the staff review here. Its about time I get started on 3d. I've been using 3d APIs to make 2d games for a while now, so I know how they work, but I've never had to push them hard. This should be fun.

I was in town today and happened across Game Coding Complete: Second Edition. I've had the first edition for quite some time now and really liked it, but this new version looks like its been greatly improved. Its definately been expanded, with almost twice the number of pages. I'm going to start ploughing through that tonight. Given its length and how new it is it was very reasonably priced - it was EUR40 where as most big coding books are >EUR60 here.

Got some music too. White Zombie: La Sexorcisto and Alice in Chains: Greatest Hits. I like both bands so I was kind of forced to buy them, I didn't have any other choice really.

And now I'm broke - Joy!
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I've been thinking of getting this book myself. And now I'm just jealous. Plus you got Alice in Chains! Does that one have the Angry Chair song on it? It should. That song rocks!

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Yup, track number 4. I haven't gotten around to that album yet, still listening to La Sexorcisto.

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I think you should give your first edition copy to me. Now.

Where did you find books that cheap? I usually shy away from spending €70+ on programming books.

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