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Butterfly #239

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Today was my first real experience using BitTorrent, I'm trying to download something which was leaked recently that I can presumably watch and lol at but I don't want to tell you what it is because that might deem my activities illegal.

Since I haven't said WHAT I'm downloading, Heisenburg says I'm still good.

Anyway, stupid me chose a slow torrent, and Evil Steve is all like "lol har har you stupid I got it 5 hours ago" and I'm all like ":("

So yeah. Starting a second torrent (this one hopefully faster) to download it.
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What kind of information can you post here on Gamedev about those kinds of activities without the mods/staff getting pissed?


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Bleh, I've given up trying to get it. I tried every single torrent I could find, and couldn't get more than 2KB/s on any one of them.


I'll just buy it on DVD when it comes out. [sad]

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For the record, Heisenburg does not dictate the actions of the mods. Just for future reference [wink]

EDIT: As a side note, I wish I knew how to work bittorrent. I've never actually ever gotten anything to download off it, but whatever. More Guild Wars!

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