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Oh man...

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Sorry guys for taking something like a week to get this entry in. Well, here's how it is. For a few days I couldn't get anything done on the project and was all like 'Oh no!' and that passed... so over the last couple of days here's what I did...

Perfect Screenshot:

Sorry for resizing it too small. This was all a result of me working on the code for pluggin in all of the enemies for level one. After much toiling, I am greatly successful. Tomorrow I shall draw in all of the enemies for level 2 (no big deal, really. It's a moving platforms level, so that's the majority of the peril).

Level 2 shouldn't be too much trouble in terms of me having to make obscene amounts of filler-art, but it instead of being a pain in respect for having to make moving platforms, who's initialization line is declared:

movingplat::init(int, int, BITMAP*, int, int, int, int)

Thank god there aren't too many of them. The manual entry is going to be a pain. So that's the goal for tomorrow:

1. Draw up all place-holder art

2. Write enemies into level design graphs

That shouldn't be too hard. My goal is going to be: to be able to do a complete run through level 2 by Sunday night. It's lofty, but I have the house to myself all weekend, so I'll be damned if I don't have atleast 24 good work-hours ahead of me.

In terms of artists, I have come to a great point of progress. I have at my disposal three people.

The first is Bruckner. Soon I will have him start making small drawings of animation frames for the sprites and inking them for scanning.

The second is a magnificent technician who works on Mac, and does great 2D design. I'm hoping with a good tutorial he can take the scanned frames and turn them into beutiful sprites.

The third is a brilliant artist who I have aquired a copy of the entire Adobe Creative Suite for in hopes that she will work on the game. I'm hoping she'll be a great asset for working on the environments.

So anyhow, there are alot of new people arriving in journal land who have not had the opportunity to read my journal because I had not updated in a week and it fell off the front page. Consider yourself blessed, for I have returned... Ha ha ha... but no, really. I'll be writing my ussual load, probably entries for both tomorrow and Sunday.

Oh, and tomorrow I hope to put up my huge rant in the Lounge hoping to gather more attention to the issue of the Help Wanted Forums (and if you don't know what the issue is, you havn't been there). I would not like to, however, in any way incriminate the mods/staff and imply that they are negligent. I appreciate the fact that you recognize the issue and hope you are dealing with it in your own way. I simply want to call more attention to the issue. I also have a couple of ideas.

Thanks, more tomorrow.

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looking good, hows the new box coming along? She put together yet?
Show us lots of revealing pictures.

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About time you posted a new entry! I've been missing your little comments on muh journal! Have I disapointed you Jack?


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Coulda sworn I put one on your last entry, dude...

...like, a day or two ago <_<.


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LOL!!! Nah, that was in reference to skipping a day! Just poking fun at ya. :)

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Good to see you're back.

Your engine looks pretty cool, I always wanted to make a walking sidescroller-type game, but I never got that far into any of them. You on the other hand seem to be making great progress, keep us posted.

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Indeed, it looks awesome. I've always liked side scrolling platform games, which is why I think what you're doing is so cool. Keep up the good work.

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movingplat::init(int, int, BITMAP*, int, int, int, int)

Are you typing stuff like that out for everything that moves? Heh, I bet that's fun. [smile]

I think you need a map editor. [grin]

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