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Butterfly #240

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Beginning OpenGL Game Programming came in the mail 4 hours ago, and I'm already finished reading through it. Its pretty damn good, though I was hoping it would cover some things like vertex arrays (aka vertex buffer objects) and shaders, but meh.

Anyway, I'm going to scrap most of the OGL classes I've written thus far. Well, I'm going to refuctor them. Wholly refuctor them. Because right now they suck.

I can't wait for More OpenGL Game Programming :D
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So for someone who's only worked on 2D games in Allegro in Dev-C++ (but has mastered most of the techniques involved with the API), this book would be a good way to get into OpenGL programming?


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OpenGL Game Programming (not Beginning OpenGL Game Programming) is a good book, and it goes into some detail about display list, vertex arrays, and whatnot. I would recommend it if you are stepping up from Beginning OpenGL Game Programming.

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TraderJack: the book assumes knowledge of 3D math, which, IMO is pretty simple. It covers pretty much the basics of the 'how-to' of OGL, but doesn't cover anything like engine design. Its pure-OGL madness.

I'm probably not going to buy OpenGL Game Programming, but instead wait a couple of months to get More OpenGL Game Programming which is the continutaion of Beginning OpenGL Game Programming.

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