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The Plan....

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Time for another boring uncommentable post regarding Mark and I stumbling throught the realm of game development. I really didn't do anything code-wise today, because I was working until midnight. I did do some thinking into the Story of Angels 20, and I think I've got a rough idea of how I want it to progress throughout the game.

I'm planning on having the game split into 3 chapters of 5 or so missions each. The first third of the game take place in Cuba, with that chapter ending with a bang that will hopefully keep everyone wanting to know what happens next (ie. downloading the full version). I was thinking about how the story will be told to the player, and I've settled on hardcoding cutscenes into the game that will use the in-game textures so that I can keep the visual style of the game consistent (and reduce Marks workload).

Speaking of Mark's workload, I pretty much doubled it with an idea I had. You see, everything you see in A20 that isn't moving(ie the Player, JEEPS , etc) is a 1x1 tile. We texture the tiles with the images Mark draws, and when the player drops a bomb on the tile, it just displays a crater texture instead of its original one. While this technique is fast and easy to implement, it does have some week points:

-Can't have (realistic) rolling terrain
-When buildings are destroyed, the crater looks unrealistic(no rubble)

I decided the easiest way to make the tiles look more realistic when destroyed was to make dedicated "destroyed" textures for each tile. These textures will be placed alongside the regular texture inside the same image, like the image below( I apologize for my crappy art skills):

Then, whenever the tile is destroyed, I just switch the texture coordinates to show the other side of the texture.

Anyways, this means that Mark has to redo all of the textures (30 for each tileset). He's not too happy about that[grin].

Well, I've got to go now, but I'll leave you guys with this list of crap I want to put in the next update, feel free to give suggestions, I'll put 'em in there:

Angels 20 Feature WishList
-An Actual Front-End Menu
-A Map of the Level on the HUD
-Good MIG AI
-Destructable Tiles(what I just described above)
-A checklist of enemies on the level
-Repair Trucks that actually have to stop to repair stuff

And of Course:

Dont Forget To Try Out The New Version Of Angels 20

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Why not have a tile "overlay" that can be of any size? And just render it centered over the parent tile.

Plus I still think having more planes/weapons would be swweeeet, you should make a user definable weapons/plane system via scripts, or just commented text files. I remember some old school games that were very easy to modify like that...it was loads of fun, specifying custom particle bitmaps, and velocities, density, etc.

- "The Gang War Guy" :-p

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I still struggle with A20 but the important thing is I have a hoot failing at it [smile]

I like the idea of the different tiles. Depending on if you have a 'building' class or struct you could have a bool flag to represent it destroyed or not. You could then, when you render the building, check the destroyed flag and if its still intact render the building texture on the quad or else render the destroyed building texture onto the quad. You could assign a texture ID. Eg:


or something similar
Just a suggestion. Not sure if thats what you were playing with but just incase [smile]
Looking at what you were saying again, I think thats essentially what you are doing. Sorry [smile]

Still love A20 though

cya dude,


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Why not have a tile "overlay" that can be of any size? And just render it centered over the parent tile.

Mainly collision detection.

Looking at what you were saying again, I think thats essentially what you are doing. Sorry

Obviously great minds think alike[wink].

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I'm really not sure yet. I'll probably go the way of DOOM and release the game as freeware at first, but then you have to buy the full game to get all of the missions and features.

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