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Moving forward...

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So I'm nearly done with The Game Producer's Handbook by Dan Irish. What a great book. I've found some very valueable information in there. I think next I'll get Secrets of the Game Business 2nd Edition. I'm also currently reading a marketing book called Getting Everything You Want Out of All You've Got, recommneded to me by Steve Pavlina over at Dexterity Software. Very good read as well. I've also talked to marketing people from many different types of business that swear by the book. Good stuff.

The Game:
The only thing left for me to do with the storyline is to add the opening sequence cutscene. Then the design will pretty much be wrapped up. We'll just do some fun factor tweaking as needed. Now as soon as the idea hits me, I can finish that up.

I'll tell you a little bit about where we're headed. This is our first game and we were never planning on releasing it. But we changed our minds very shortly after we began the pre-production process. We wanted to stay simplistic and small as not to over whelm ourselves on our first project. We've all been in the software business for a long time. We've just not done games before.

The game is going to be a 2D action arcade space shooter (isn't everyone's first game?). It will be pretty short with more content added later. With the tools we are writing it will be easy for us to add new content quickly. We're also debating bundling some tools to allow others to add content to it. This game is basically a test bed for our project management and production skills. We already have the basic idea laid down for our next game and it will be in a completely different, more difficult genre.

Anyway there is some of the background. More on the progress later this week.
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