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Sounds 'n' stuff

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Stephen R


So I have all the sounds in the game now, which means that the list of things to do is getting very short. I have two things left for tonight - score screen in between levels, and a slight rework of how the menus look. Neither will take me very long, so I'll have plenty of time to be unproductive once I get them finished. I'll have another update of Nanodude tomorrow, by which stage it should be just gameplay and graphics tweaks left.

And since we've decided to just head straight into our next game once Nanodude is finished I'm going to start work on the base code as soon as I have have those two things listed above finished. And this base code may as well take the form of a generic lib. Hey, when life gives you lemons...

... pour the juice directly into your eye because its what all the cool kids are doing.
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