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2D Brawler

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phoe wants a side-scrolling beat-em-up. (that or a fighter, but i opted for the easier of the two).
<@Phoenix> I just wanna mash buttons and beat up mobs
and thats just fine with me. i'm envisioning something pretty simple, along the lines of Final Fight - one attack combo and a super. pick up items you're standing over, and then make up a few baddies and bosses and boom, done.

here's a plan of action. first, drop in a player avatar. let him move around the screen to the borders. let him attack in either of two directions. drop a bad guy in. let player give non-damaging damage to bad guy. set up combo system based on what we've got.

at this point we have to start deciding on the combos. in River City Ransom you'd punch the baddie some number of times before he doubled over, and if you attacked again at that point, you'd throw a finisher blow that would do a knockdown. occasionally you'd miss the timing and he'd recover, but any blow after he was out of stamina would put him back into double-over state. thats simple enough for me.

after that, we let the baddie get knocked down and have to get back up. then he gets to move around. let him attack. here's another spot we need to look at, although it should work pretty much the same way it does already. so that can't be too tough.

now we let the player jump. then he can attack mid-jump. jumping attacks always do knockdown, no matter what game. now we do the super move, which also always does knockdown. at this point we're done the basic game. everything that comes after this is just there to support it and make it more interesting. i'd say drop in various crates with items to heal and give points - if i'm feeling particularly frisky, let the player pick up and use weapons. for now though, i've got almost everything i need above to do a working brawler.

more on this when i have something worth posting.
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