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Willy Wonka rocked

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Well, trying to keep the kids happy during teh summer hols I took them to see Willy Wonka today, and I have to say I really enjoyed it..as did the kids of course!.

I didn't read anything of the WW thread a few days/weeks or whenever ago (who cares) so I wouldn't be clouded by anyone else's judgement, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't care if it's not strictly to the book - the visuals, and particularly JD, was superb...a dvd purchase will entail definitely later.

The kids are in bed, I'm now drinking white wine (not touched drink for x years) and after only two glasses I'm fairly nearly pished...but ready for even more! (insert girlie laugh here)..

It's abut time my hubby and I let our hair down (always don't bother in case there's a calamity with the kids)..but only a little bit tonight to celebrate...nothing special really, the bottle's been there so long it had to be drunk before going off (great excuse!).
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