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They're in the trees!!!

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So yeah, not much to report today. I started to work on a cover system today. Meaning, if a unit moves onto a tree or mountain, they will take less damage from enemy fire. Hopefully I can start working on an actual campaign mode soon.
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First off, on your site, one of those greeen lines cuts right through the center of "Where 2D Lives Forever". It looks great, don't get me wrong, but it's the first thing that the eye moves to when one opens your page. Second off, on the Invasion page, talk more about the project. Just something like:

"Blah blah blah! Insert most awesome raving about completely 1337-ass features of your game! This is more talking about how 1337 the game is and why! More text that looks like it would appear on the back of the game's packaging here!
  • Oh man! 1337 feature #1.
  • Oh man! Yet another awesome feature!
  • Listing more great features x 3...

Talk more about the game here and let everyone know how great it's going to be!"

It actually makes a page look more proffesional. If you want to intice people and convince them that you're game/website is worth looking at, have more content!

Looking great so far, dude.


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Is this your 4E4 project?

Also, will there be limitations on where a certain type of unit can move (ie. tanks can't go on a mountain, etc)?

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@TraderJack: Yeah, I should spruce up that page. Basically, I was just using it to show screenshots, but since I plan to go shareware with this game, I definetly need to improve it.

@Sir Sapo: No, this is not my 4E4 project. Regarding unit movement limitation, I will probably try to stop certain units from moving on certain areas. I can already see that some problems might arise with the bounding box collision on the game's objects.

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