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The ministry story pt 1

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Ok, so I finally decided to type up the entire story. I'm just trying not to miss any details.

I'll start the story from wednesday night. I was working late again, getting everything set up and doing some finish up touches. So after midnight I finally decided that I should go home before the subway closes, and leave the work unfinished and get home at somewhere past 1 o' clock thursday morning. Deciding that I will finish the small bit of work left in the morning before going there and deploy all the changes on the live site.

This is where the trouble begins. Just to make it less surprising for you guys: Everything will be going wrong after this point.

I wake up before 9, and it's a terrible warm and humid day outside. That's fine, so I put on my suit and figure out that I can't find any ties. I finally gave in and decided to wake up my dad and borrow one of his ties, which with great pleasure he keeps suggesting me some of ugliest ones I had ever seen. I finally settle down for something since I was running out of time, and get out of the house.

On my way to the bus station, I decide that I'm not going to just stare at every one for the whole journey, so I take out my iPod from my pocket, and in the course of trying to untangle the earphone wires, I manage to lose one of the earphone covers. Nope, can't find it anymore, allright I guess I'll have to take off the other cover and just put the phones in my ear normally. Then I get to the bus station and guess what, I just missed the last bus, which means I have to wait another 15 mintues for the next one. And the sun is not directly shining at me, wearing a black suit.. terrible, but I manage to live and sweat until the bus comes. I guess the bus journey was the best part of the day, which meant that the only empty seat was the one right beside the window facing the direction that the sun is coming up from. Joy, more sweating for me. And I only get stuck in the unusually heavy traffic for half an hour until I get to the subway station.

And then comes the subway ride, which was going amazingly swift and nice until we get to one of the stations (Davisville station for the people who know about TTC) and then the train wait there for 15 minutes, then they tell us that the entire subway service is out and it won't be resumed for a long time, and they tell us to go to the bus platform and ride the "shuttle bus" service instead.
Ok, so I go to the bus platform, and wait for another 15 mintues until this "shuttle" bus finally comes. (I guess the fuel gauge on the shuttle was misbehaving. Sorry for the joke, NASA) and to my great pleasure they announce that the bus is going northbound. Now, this would have been very nice, except that almost everybody on the platform (which was a LOT of people due to grounded subway service) wanted to go south to downtown. So the "shuttle" bus leaves with 1 or 2 people on board.

Then I wait for another 15 minutes and no other bus comes in. None at all. So much for the emergency service. So at the end I see two of the subway security personnel walking past as they're talking, and I hear one of them saying "No, I don't think it was suicide" to the other one. So hmm, someone died? Maybe... But later on I shall tell you that no one had died. Anyway, these two people reach the end of the platform, and one of them announces "If any of you folks are heading southbound or northbound, you probably want to be in the street right now trying to catch a shuttle bus."
WTF... they kept us at the platform for half an hour, just to tell us that the bus will never enter the platform?

Now have in mind that I have some left over work from the night before that I have to finish and check-in before going for the meeting. This is just great, we all head outside, and I have to hear almost everybody complaining and bitching about it, as if I'm not having any problems.
Now let me tell you how this "shuttle" bus was.. After 5 minutes of waiting on the street, a bus is passing by with the word "shuttle service" on it. Hey, that's the one! Oh look, there seems to be the entire population of China inside of it, I mean, people are falling out of the windows and the roof. There's no way in hell I'm going to get in that thing, and even if I do manage to squeeze in some how, it's going to ruin my suit and all.

So screw it, I'll just catch a cab. Right? *sigh*
First cab comes in, it's full, then another, then another, and ....
I set off walking, giving in. Finally, after 25 minutes, I manage to catch a cab who just dropped off its previous passenger. Yay.
Traffic was terrible. Took me another half an hour to get to my work place in downtown. So I finally pay the driver and get out, need to cross the road to get to my building. As I'm checking everything, to my great surprise I figure out that my cellphone is missing. Just what I needed to make my day.

Anyway, I go up to the work place, and first thing I do it to take a Tylenol. Then as I'm finishing my work, I keep calling my cell number hoping that someone will pick it up. And I also fear that it might be running out of battery at any moment, because in the morning when I had checked it, the battery was almost empty and it kept saying that I need to recharge, but I hadn't had time for that.
Everything is all of a sudden crashing on the website, and the phone doesn't answer either. How nice.
So after some 10 minutes, there's a call on my phone line, and the number registers as my cell phone number. Yay, someone is calling back the last number at least. I pick it up and it ends up being the cab driver who drove me off, asking me if this is my phone. And he has gone all the way up town, way far from where I am. peh.
Anyway, I tell him that in about half an hour I need to set off for a place anyway, and ask him to come down to give me the phone, and he can drive me off to where I need as well (almost as if I had called for a taxi I guess). He agrees, which is rather nice (first thing that went right for the day)

Knowing that I only have half an hour now, I get back to working on it, and amazingly everything just comes together nicely rather quick, and I manage to get the stuff on the site rather early and get ready to set off. Get the projector, laptop, and all the cables and everything ready. It's 12:30 by now, and I have the meeting at 1 o' clock. The cab driver calls at this point from my cellphone and tells me that he's here. So I go down with the sales person who is coming with me to the ministry, and another sales person from a hosting company who is partnering with us for hosting this service, and catch the cab, where I get back my cellphone as well. Seems like things are getting better.

We go to Courtyard Marriott (for Toronto folks: it's at College and Yonge) and it's a very beautiful place, really really nice. We have a quite large and cozy room at our hands, with all the facilities and everything just perfect. We also meet a sales person from Bell Canada who is representing our partnership with Bell as well. And we set up the equipment just in time for the meeting.

Ok, I think that's enough of the story for today. I'll type up the meeting and the follow-up and the missing parts of the story tomorrow.
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Glad the cab driver was good to you. I hope you gave him a good tip.

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