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Damn you Hollywood!!!!!!!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone, how are you guys doing?

I figured before I start ranting tonight, I should acknowledge some of the people whose journals I've been keeping up with, and say some stuff about them. Now, don't be angry if you're not on the list, I probably just forgot you (there's alot of us in Journal Land now). So without further ado:

TraderJack: I always like reading your journals because they have to deal with a 2D game, and you focus on the basic stuff everyone should know. BTW, his sidescroller is looking pretty good (from a programmers perspective, his programmers art leaves much to be desired[wink]).

Stompy: The man with the plan. He's the only person with a journal that I know of who's making a turn-based strategy game (one of my favorite genres), so he gets mad props for working on such a complicated game.

dgreen02: Holy shit, Gang War looks incredible, there's no doubt in my mind you will at least win one award at the IGF, and even if you don't, you've got a publishing deal already!!

Mushu: Gotta love the cards man. "A kitten twisted by the methodology of an extremist group", it gets me laughing every time.

ildave1: He's making his own laptop, 'nuff said.

Battagline: Epochstar is the shit, the only game I've downloaded from the GDC that's held my attention for hours, bravo.

EDIT: I knew I forgot someone
SimmerD: You really know what you're talking about, and your project looks better than a lot of games I see coming out these days, keep up the good work. BTW I like how you are explaining to us how you did certain stuff, very insightful.

MotionCoil: You've got a programming, game playing girlfriend, and your level editor is light years ahead of anything I can achieve, I can't wait to see what stuff you will do when you get your engine up and running.

Well, that's all I cant think of at the moment, but I'm sure I forgot somebody (its late here).

Anyways, on with the entry!

I went to go see Stealth today, and it really wasn't that bad except for one little gripe I have: The premise is almost exactly the same as the background story for Angels 20 as described in my first journal entry!!!!! Now that that's out of my system, lets move on. It was actually a pretty cool movie, if not a little on the long side.

In other news, I get to check off 2 items from my A20 wishlist:

Item #1: Repair Trucks that actually have to stop and repair stuff
This wasn't really as hard as I thought it would be. I just changed some code around and added some variables, and voila! When the trucks run into a destroyed flak bunker, the truck stops, and a little floating (and spinning!!!!) wrench appears in the air above it. After a certain amount of time, the flak is repaired, and the truck moves on.

Item #2: Map on the HUD
Really not much to this either. Green blocks are ground, blue blocks are water, grey blocks are buildings, red blocks are enemies, the yellow block above them all is your position. I'm going to have to integrate it into the HUD more, but until then, this will do, as you can see in the screen below:

Well, thats all I really have to say for tonight, talk to you guys later, and as always, here's the wishlist and A20 link:

Angels 20 Feature WishList
-An Actual Front-End Menu
-A Map of the Level on the HUD;
-Good MIG AI
-Destructable Tiles
-A checklist of enemies on the level
-Repair Trucks that actually have to stop to repair stuff;

Dont Forget To Try Out The New Version Of Angels 20

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Recommended Comments

Alright, It's Mark the Artist Time! Thomas asked me to list all the
pro... uhh.. "gameplay devices" that I would like to see modified
with Angels 20.
Keep in mind that some of these may have noticed by other people,
and I just came up with these after playing for an hour tonight.
Here's the list:

1. More forgiving landing- weird drifting and controls and/or
'physics' need modification
2. More developed weapon select screen- rotating texture is
starting to seem primitive/lazy
3. Scaling- scale down rescue chopper and scale up parachute up
4. More spare airplanes- can be dependent on difficulty level (if
we enable those)
5. Auto-ejection on botched landings-when you crash while
landing, there is not enough time to eject and dying after
successfully dive-bombing a sam site from high altitude
seriously reduces the fun factor
6. Better smoke particles- Have the type of texture/particle
thing from the contrail apply to other particles as well
7. Better weapon switch dynamics on carrier- weapon selection
controls make little sense (right arrow switches between
rockets and bombs, while down switches to Commie Raper) just
seems odd altogether.
8. Truck bomb collision- still weird sometimes, maybe the angle
of impact affects the impact itself.
9. Lists of Angels 20 problems too long- lists almost reach into
double-digits, seriously reducing quality of gameplay

That's all I can think of right now, so I'll go and try to find
some more.
Also; AdamSgt I think Thomas and I discussed friendly air units,
but he had his "It's too hard *whimper*" excuse ready, so no go.
see you next time' guys

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