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I got dumped!

If you consider that we were together at one point... Damn that girl is KERAAAAZYYY..in a bad way, anyway I always feel better after having bitched about it a bit even if nobody cares so here goes.. I've learnt my lesson anyway: Don't bother continuing to try with people like that. 90% of the time when she actually decided to bother meeting me (we live 2km away , I mean come oooon... "I'm doing my homework" (>_<) "my sister might see us" (who cares, it's not like she's going to be undressing me in the street..) "I can't be bothered", "I don't feel happy" aaaaah) she completelty ignores me. We're alone in the damn street and she just looks in the other direction. >_< When I speak to her she replies with one of "Oui", "Non" or "Ah?". Very shy you say? Well she'll go out sometimes (I'm not allowed to come, "parents fault"..sure) and when she comes back she would describe in great detail to me over msn how she rubbed herself against pretty much every guy in the club. Oh and three weeks ago she left for the canary islands, before leaving she said that one "Has to make the most of life" and that "If a guy was interested she wouldn't say no". When I told her that I would rather she wouldn't do so she didn't understand why it should bother me!. As soon as she got back she said that she didn't want to see me anymore, "just because". I've been chasing this 'girl' for a damn year and all I got was one lousy kiss! >_< (ok two but still...)

There, I feel better. I now need a new girl to obsess over...<_<
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Sounds like your waaaaaay better off out of that one. Unfortunately blokes seem to be only able to come to this conclusion after the fact.

Face it all women are mental!

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Oh, and because I didn't think of it earlier...

Just kidding, dude. Had to play a card on it.


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Ooooh yay she went out yesterday, got drunk and found some poor guy to muck around with. Dumping me really affected her apparently.

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