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Butterfly #242

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    <3 Ravuya :D

I put a memo in my signature saying anyone who wanted a GDNET Card made for them should PM me. Apparently no one got the memo. So here's another copy:

if you want a GDNET: Trading Card Game card made for you, feel free to PM me and I'll make one. :D
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EDI gets a set of two

And TraderJack wanted one too, here it is:

Get it? The character from his game uses a scythe..? It was a stretch, but I think it works (kinda) :D

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I wouldn't mind one either, if it's not too much trouble.....for my journal :)

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Ugh, I got bogged down by code this evening, I'll make everyone's tommorrow. Sorry about the delay! You'll get a PM telling you when I'm done.

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