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Alright, so I have more great news. After my entry last night detailing all the progress I made, I decided to continue working, cause my girlfriend wasn't calling (or she was, but the ringer on the phone I was using was off). So I worked for another four or so hours, and hence got todays workload done too.

So today, I have a whole new plan. After playing through the second level, editing it, making it all fit and correcting errors I had made, it looked like this:

(that platform on the left of me I'm jumping on is a moving platform, just so the level doesn't look completely lifeless and boring...)

I can understand if the level looks boring right now, but the moving platforms bits (which is like, most of it) should look kinda sweet. Especially when I can swap out the programmer art.

So anyhow, I played through it, and I knew the moving platforms code was alittle glitchy... but there is a bit of an issue. The small buggy kind of movement that happens if you're standing still on the platform and reaching the edge of the screen is kind of a burden. So now I have to go in and comletely revamp the way the scrolling system updates the player.

So begins talking about how I'm going to fix the problem. Skip to next bold line if you don't care.

It's always been a burden on my mind how I'm going to get past it. In escense, what my scrolling system does is: When the player reaches a certain part of the screen (I call it the scrolling border), he stops in that position, as if moving against a wall, and the more the pushes, it updates a value which moves everything else around him in the environment. But if you stand still on a moving platform, you're not moving the player, but the player is moving...

... so you cross the scroll border. Which means next time you move, you get pushed instantly back to the border, often knocking you right off the platform. So you can never stand still. My idea on how to fix it is that the player does not stop when he reaches the border, but have the player contantly updated by the scroll value as well.

Solution ends here

So if that all works out how I want to, then I'll be able to fix the problem in shorter than it took to write all that down. If it doesn't work, then I will spend the rest of the day making it...

Oh well. The second plan is to incorperate a system of verticle scrolling. I can't begin building the third level from the design if I don't get started on that, cause the third level is an office building when you progress up 4 floors of.

Ugh, I understand if you didn't want to read all of that. Thanks Sapo for the shoutout and all, and thanks Mushu for the "GDNet the Game", which I will post tonight for lack of better images.

Peace out, and thanks for reading.

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