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That guy's really good! I went to his site, he should really fill out his tutorials section. Is he the guy who did the Helicopter Attack sprites showcased on his page? I know some dudes who love that game. Anyhow, is that guy interested in joining up on the project or something?


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That is damn good looking. The screenshot looks like it could be from a load screen or something like that, very cool.

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"The guy" has been doing art for epochstar for a long time... helping out whenever I have time to do so...

and yes... I did the graphics for HeliAttack2 and HeliAttack3 [ among other flash, phone and console games ]

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If you look through my blog, I have a lot of stuff that's attributed to "Day Dream" or the name he goes by on this forum "Sprite Attack". He does amazing work but he hasn't always had time to help the cause. Right now Johnny is attempting to learn from the master so that he can improve his art skills. I've also learned quite a bit from Day Dream, and I have to say that if there is some art work that looks abnormally cool in the game, it is likely that he did it (or my brother most of the "crap" is thrown together by yours truely).

Day Dream contributes when he has time, but his skills are in high demand. He has been quite generous in assisting us in our efforts.

So in conclusion...

Special thanks to Day Dream. He's been a huge help. I'll post more of his stuff soon... it's quite impressive.

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