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purchasing vc#2k3

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well shit. i put some work into finding out how the purchase was going to go through microsoft.com, and i find out that i can't buy it direct through microsoft. they only deal with purchases within the us. the only option i have now is to buy through a retailer, and the only one local to me is Staples - and they haven't got shit in their catalog. all i can do is hope they've got some way to get their hands on it themselves (and they'll probably mark it up to $200can, the fags) i guess i'll just have to wait and call tomorrow after work.

[EDIT: looks like amazon doesn't deliver to canada either. however, fry's/outpost.com does. also, its only $100us through fry's (~$125can)]
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I've seen Staples carry VC, but they usually only have 1-2 copies or none at all. It doesn't sell very well [wink]

And what do you mean amazon doesn't ship within Canada? You went to amazon.ca right????

Edit: is this what you're looking for?

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