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KERAAAAZY girl part II

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Ok so nobody cares, well I care and this is MY journal so im going to tell you ANYWAY. Na.

So crazy girl goes "coucou" to me on msn ("coucou"...COUCOU? YOU JUST DUMPED ME?!!?) and we start "talking" (her saying how boring and pathetic my life is and then refusing to say anything when I asked why, etc.) Anyway, we soon got to the unavoidable criticism-of-other part. Soooo her life is much more interesting now apparently (I had noticed...) because I was pulling her back, and how she only wanted to go out with my out of desperation and how she never really liked me, and misc. insults.
She is going to regret stuff she said tomorrow, it's going to eaaat at her I know her so well, so I didn't say much..she's now taunting me with tails of her recent exploits...fascinating. I hate her so much right now that this isn't even making me jealous...

It will tomorrow though so I'm going to try again with her best friend..hah!

She turned me down once but she seemed interested recently...she seems relatively sane..

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So wait... basically what she is saying is "I'm a complete slut, and now that my boyfriend is out of the picture I'm free to have more rampant sex"? You said this was a long-distance thing, right? Just cut off all communications. Just image how happy you would be if you never had to talk to this girl ever again.


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She turned me down once but she seemed interested recently...she seems relatively sane..
On the other hand, it could be a cunning ploy developed between them in order to heap even more insults on you when/if it goes wrong with her...u r now warned :)

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I said she was 2kms away...so...not very long distance. [grin]

Oh and she has already said that she regrets saying that she only wanted me out of desperation...that was fast. And I expect the communciations will slowly fade away in time...unless I start seing her best friend obviously...but that probably won't happen anyway.

She now "wants to be my friend".



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