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Toy engine

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Stephen R


I've been messing around with a little toy engine which I'm going to finish up by wednesday. Its just to through around various techniques and designs to get a feel for how an engine should be put together. At the moment I have it creating a window, initializing a graphics API (the API is stored in a seperate DLL, so OpenGL and DX should be completely interchangable), running the main loop, and I'm working on loading textures. I want to get both OpenGL and DX loading textures and fonts and rendering them in 2d. I also intend to make an audio system and a simple input system. When I finish with it it'll be quite a nice, if somewhat basic, engine.

Now back to the code.
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I was going to grab a screeny of that a post another entry to highlight my 1337-ness. Damnit.

Only another 21337 posts before the next screeny moment.

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