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IRL FPS! Just like Quake!

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ok maybe actually it's more like Counter-Strike, but that doesn't sound half as cool =P

I spent half my summer visiting my family here in Brazil, boy did I do some fun stuff! =D Like... learning how to use guns
ok you may run away screaming now ;)

First of, my cousins Taurus 938 .380

Second was a Taurus revolver .38

Third was a brazilian Rossi Puma rifle .38

Lastly was this Pump Shotgun that kicked my ass

[download clip, 1.74mb]
Cameraman: "It's filming. You can shoot."
Cameraman: "shit"
Me: "Aaaggghhh"

Oh crap, almost forgot! This baby was a nice surprise in the end. A police officer was playing with his personal UZI and letting people try it out too! Man I love these laid back Brazilians [grin]

Oh boy was that a fun day! =D I'm thinking about a certificate, 100USD is not such a bad price... as long as I get to shoot some more ;)
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