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Skewbe mapping paper update

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Hey, I figured I'd throw in an update regarding my skewbe map paper.

Doles helped me get the various demo images I needed for quality comparisons, so I'm grateful for that, and that's done. I've also done the menial tasks regarding naming and such. I plan on having all of the content done tomorrow, so a person can read the paper, hopefully understand most or all of it, and implement it in their own program without my assistance. Improving the wording and grammar will come later, and in the meantime I'll post the content-complete version of the paper here. Once it is fully done and the writing is good, I'll be slapping it onto the more prominent GP&T forum. For the full publish, I think I'll also slap in some cleaned up source code if I have the time.

Also, uavfun helped convince me to move the paper from LaTeX to Word (I'm going with Publisher because image layout is about a bajillion times easier though), although that quickly became a necessity because, as far as I could tell, LaTeX didn't support embedding of images. Anyways, that'll be a pain in the ass to do due to all of the subscripts and superscripts.

Sooo, long story short? All of you guys with shader-based omni shadow maps will be able to soup them up about 36 hours from the time that this was written.
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