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So, the weekened went well and was extreamly productive.

Here are a few things that were accomplished:

  • Fixed State Clearing/Restoration

  • Integrated 14 of the 20 new item graphics for artifacts

  • Made doors block when a character is in them, and gave them blocked sounds

  • Made map transition 'portals' much easier to use

  • Integrated Version3 of the revised dialogue

  • A whole lotta testing =D

  • While im doing all this testing, zac is taking a slew of screen shots which will be for the website.

    Thankfully the bugs seems to be getting progressively less, and my screams are becoming more infrequent.

    As things are I would say the begining of the game is pretty well tested as of now.


    It is unfortunate that when signifigant patches come out, it invalidates previously saved games.

    Most of the testers have seemed to be pretty intollerant of this.

    But I have little love for people who get to play MW both Ahead of Time and free, and still find it okay to complain that they have to start over when we fix bugs.

    In light of this we may be switching to purely internal and physical testing, I feel it may be a bit too easy for internet folk to gripe about beta quality as if they actually paid for it.

    There has _also_ been a marked trend in this:

    guy1: I really want to test MW!
    edi: okay, here it is, please report any bugs.
    *never hear from guy1 again*

    this urks me to no end, I would say that about 3/4 of the people we have test MW never report a single bug or even feedback.

    Again, for these reasons we are likely to cut the internet community out of things unless the trend changes.

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    We did a lot of internet testing with a selected group of "fans", but we built in a time-out/deadlock into it. I can't remember how long it lasted, but it meant they couldn't play indefinitely and had to stay in contact with us if they wanted to play more [grin]

    Quite a few of the testers came back asking for new versions but were declined because, well, as you describe - they did the square root of sod all.

    Maybe something for you to try? [smile]

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    we do a monthly timelock on our betas,
    but the time distance seems to be far too long apparently.
    (about a month)

    who knows, at the moment we are dealing with about five beta testers, and the response back thus far has been really weak.

    especially from people whom i thought would make excellent testers (few notable people from GDNet).

    I can see being being upset and unresponsive, if they bought our game and found bugs.

    But when it comes to voulentary beta testing it should be the other way around,

    playing the game is a privalage that comes with obligations.

    guess some people dont see it that way ;D

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