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Stompy the card

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Big thanks to Mushu for making the Stompy card that is now proudly displayed at the top of the journal. PM him if you want a card made of yourself.

In other news, I'm really liking Code::Blocks so far. Basically, I set my include and lib directories to my Dev-C++ directories, so now I can compile my game just fine. I had to fix the syntax coloring though, as the default settings are rather, annoying. I simply hate when an IDE uses too many colors for syntax highlighting.

Finally, the sniper unit type has been added to my game.
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Show us a screen with some snipers.

Also, can you build units in the game, or do you just start off with a certain number of units and do what you can with them.

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The plan for the game is that the player must use the units available to them, and can't build units. As for the screenshot, I'm adding an artillary unit today, so I'll have a new screenshot tomorrow.

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