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Nearly Moved In

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The Move
Hey there! Well, the move was not nearly as bad as I thought It would be. I ended up staying up until about 5 A.M. Sunday, packing, then I woke up at 8 A.M. to drive 2 hours to Manhattan. My girlfriend, Her dad and myself made it there at 10 A.M.

We finished throwing everything inside the place at 2ish and now we are in the Decorating/Arrangement phase, rather, My girlfriend is in that phase... I've just been setting up the computers, internet, tv/stereo.

Oh, and purchasing major munchies (chips & caffeine) for computer time! ;)

... About the ='s
My ='s and the note are an un-noticabe thing I like to use to seperate my thoughts. It was not until today when I viewed my journal on a computer, crappier than mine, when I noticed that it can get to looking pretty hairy.

I apologize to you if you have been viewing my journal and it has been seen in an unbearable way.

Code, Code, Code
I am about to get back into the swing of things.

On the way up here I was reading about Operators and Statements. A lot of things were reiterations, but I found a couple of things that I did not know.

Tonight I am going to jump into functions. I have the basic idea on how to utilize them, however, I still want to go through the chapter to see if they will hit on something that I have not seen yet.

Simulations [Tycoon Games]
I would like to spit a few words about these games for a moment.

I, personally, love the idea and concepts that go behind making tycoon games, but half the time that one of these games are released it is self evident that they were released early and gone without much thought.

I just bought Prison Tycoon, because the thought of running and managing my own prison sounds too fun to pass up. (Released 7/12)

Lesson learned here: Even small games can use tutorials to keep their players into there game and not having bad raps spread across the internet about it. Lets just say I about quit the game because I had NO idea when I was going to get a prisoner to manage. I had to put it at the highest speed AND -WAIT- roughly 3 minutes before TWO prisoners walked through the gates.. I was beginning to wonder. ;]

Anyways, I need to get schooled up real quick so I can devote some competition to these releases (tycoon games).

return 0;
Anybody want a Dr. Pepper? >raises his can<

Until next time!
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You're moving to Manhattan?

Oh, and is it just me, or are you reading that 1000+ page huge blue C++ Bible?


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