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August research topics

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Okay, this is a new thing I'm starting here. Every month I will start listing some of the things I am interested in researching at this point in time.

  • Genetic algorithms

  • Bump-mapping

  • Pixel shaders

  • Procedurally generated content

If you're interested in any of these topics, reply to this post and we'll see if we can get some intelligent comments for once in here. [grin]
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Recommended Comments

Since the AI Depot has been.. not-so-good recently, I've been using Jeff Heaton's online book for the AI learnings. It's grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

To be quite frank, procedurally generated graphics turn me on.

The middle two don't interest me much.

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Well I'm in love with them all. Of course bump mapping can most easily be accomplished using a pixel shader. So 2 is really a part of 3.

Genetic algorithms are really an interesting way to solve problems. Mutating generations of digital chromosomes just makes me feel like a mad scientist for some reason. I recommend Buckland's books.

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My old flatmate used Genetic Algorithms to alter game balance as part of his dissertation. Was an interesting thing to watch, not very useful in the end and according to him straightforward to implement.

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Yeah, GAs are relatively easy. You just put the "variables" from a class into a serialized string of bits and then screw around with them and de-serialize them into a new person.

The serialization process is extremely similar to forging a new packet from an object.

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