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Tuesday Musings...

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Our offices look out onto the nightclub 'strip' of Dundee (okay so its not so much a strip as a shortish road but it does have two clubs on it). Recently one closed down and for the last two days the Fire Brigade have screeched to a halt outside lights and sirens going. They then break in, I presume turn off the alarm and secure the building again. Why this fire alarm never activated itself before the place shut down is unclear. Maybe they are trying to stop the owners from have an 'insurance accident'.

Reading the boards today I came across a thread about one of the co-founders of deviantArt literally being kicked out of his position under what looks to be shady circumstance by people he probably once considered to be friends. Read more here. Personally I'm no good at art so only browse deviantArt but I've experienced similar politicking whilst working for Gamespy and whilst I was paid at the time it's not even in the same league as this. Will watch with interest.

Other than that it's supposed to be a bit more summery today and one of my friends is leaving Dundee to start work at Rare. He'll be staying in Burton-upon-Trent with his girlfriend. The home of lots of beer. Might be worth a visit.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Burton-Upon-Trent eh... full of nothing but piss heads I tell thee

Bob - Burtonian and proud

PS - The beer is well worth a visit. Pop into the Devonshire arms on Station St

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Wow, an AI character namesake, and a mention in your journal - BOTH IN THE SAME DAY!

Both highlights in an otherwise less than stellar 24 hours. (Bah, who needs to be able to drive anyways.)

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I dunno, people living fifteen miles away from their place of work maybe? [wink]

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