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Butterfly #245

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    Evangelion is the most confusing anime. Ever. Ever ever.
    (either that or I'm just too stupid to follow the plot)

You never realize how important things like ID3DXFont are until you don't have them anymore. So I'm reading on displaying fonts in OpenGL, and my house just shook because they're redoing the roof, and its all pretty much bitmap fonts.

Okay, there are other types of fonts too, but its all essentially the same. So I'm like "fuck this - I'll just port over my SDL font crap". Then I open up the old SDL font crap and, well, its really old. Really really old. And stale. Like someone left it out on the counter. I blame SanguineRaven since he was the last one to use it, but I diverge.

Anyway, I'm off to reinvent the wheel. This is the first part of this little test project that might actually be reusable code. Hopefully. Maybe. We'll see.

mmm... monostates.
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Eva isn't TOO confusing, until about halfway through when they try to mess with your mind a lot. I think they do it to try and make it a more interesting character study, especially in the last two episodes.

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I must have watched one of those later episodes then. Because I was "?" the whole way through.

You can't take the fun away from giant robot battles though. I'd have to say I enjoyed the 90-minute episode/movie that I watched [wink]

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