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Was slightly inspired, but it's not all that good.

To the tune of, In the hall of the mountain king

My new game it will be great!
I'm a noob!
Cannot wait!

My new game will be so great - you all will want to play!

First I des-ign every-thing!
Swords, Bracelets!
Helms and Rings!

Anything you want to do - you can do in my game!!!!

It will have a million quests!
Treasure Chests!
Armored Vests!

It will have more things - than you could ever hope to do!!!!

Dungeons! Dragons! Wizards Too!
All by me!
All for you!

Anything you want to do - will be inside my game!!!!

A million players at a time!
On one server!
On one line!

Bandwidth use will be on par - with standard IRC!!!

There will be no monthly fee!
All for free!
Thanks to me!

Physics that you soon will see surpass reality!!!!!


I think I'll use VB!!!

To the tune of: Sublime ' Santeria

I don't practice C religon
I don't know bout' funcition calls.
If I had a big ol' budget well I'd,
I'd spend it all!
If I could learn to program, and get my butt up off the ground,
Well I'd write an awesome game and get cash by the mound!

When I really wanna code,
My baby, what I really want to code I can't design.
Well this game,
will be great, oh ,
But my design will have to,
Wait till I get back and code an engine of my own.
re-invent the wheel one and all.

I feel the bugs,
Feel the bugs,
Feel the bugs and I got to patch it up,
Oh, yea huh, well I swear that i.
What I really wanna code, baby,
What I really want to code I can't design.
This game will be great, oh ,
My design will have to...

What I really wanna code,
My baby,
What I really wanna code is I can't design.
And I'll make it, yes, I'm compilin' it.

Tell carmack that if he knows what is good for him he best go run and hide.
Our fps is over 45.
And I won't think twice to stick this game straight in his face and gloat.
Believe me when I say that I've made a really awesome class!
What I really wanna code, my baby,
What I really wanna say is it's no fun,
This sucks,
And hate it, yea,
But my design is really great.
Yea, yea, yea
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[gangster talk]Yo homes, you gots some mad beats G, I can hook you up for a record deal laterz, aight?[/ganster talk]

But seriously, that's pretty good.

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