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Two funny things

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Another funny David update. A couple of days ago, I pointed you to the recently opened archive of the Humanist Fellowship board-list, and I invited you to browse the list and point to any favorite posts. Since I put up the link though, the list closed back up.

Mind you, opening up the list was something that David fought to do, and the choice to open the list was voted in unanimously. I expect the list to reopen in a few days after quite a few posts are declared inappropriate for public consumption and are deleted.

Democracy certainly is a confusing thing. Far as I can tell, it's something that empowers everyone and fosters joint ownership and respect, but only to the extent that it serves David's purposes. If a vote goes against David's wishes, then democracy suddenly becomes subservient to whim.

About a month ago, I posted a funny list of the most evil books of the past 200 years (complete with Amazon links). The same group has now come up with their list of The Ten Most Harmful Government Programs. I expected to see such things as slavery, the Alien and Sedition acts, Jim Crow laws, and laws that basically legalized Indian slaughter in the name of westward expansion, but apparently those shameful parts of our past pale in comparison to such horrors as PBS, sugar subsidies, and bilingual education grants.

I now see the wisdom of the entries on this list, and I shudder at the shame that the Endangered Species Act has had on the American psyche. 150 years from now, it will certainly overshadow the importation and sale of human beings as one of the most shameful blots on America's past.
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I heard Rachael Maddow talking about that this morning. Those jokers are blind in their hearts.

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Well, given that they seem to define "harm" as anything that prevents us from taking over the country and running it as we see fit," I view the list as "10 Programs We Must Not Let The Crazy Folk Destroy".


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You seem to have developed a nasty case of neoconitis. Unfortunately, I get them all the time, so much so that I now have the misfortune of living with one (my new roommates).

I recommend a rigorous session of "talk to the hand" with these folks. Facts don't matter with them.

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