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An update...

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Mainly for Rachel because she's bored but also because I'm baking my head trying to get the new collision maps into the game. Something that could be straight forward but has decided that it'd rather be a bastard.

Although today I finished off the tech demo for PushRegistry stuff. It works okay and to specification but with one or two annoyances. The phone is was developed on (although I suspect it'll work on most phones that support it) is a Nokia 6600, renowned for being a bit finicky. Anyway the major annoyance is that if you turn the phone off and on the PushRegistry entry you made is cleared out. Not very useful at all!

For the uninitiated the PushRegistry lets you restart a MIDlet on the phone in response to an event such as an incoming SMS or a timer. An example of its use would be play by SMS chess or similar. Now to my mind it seems downright stupid not to make the Registry entries persistant when the phone is turned off. Sure you might miss some whilst it's off but that doesn't mean you don't want any ever again (or until application restart). Some more exploring will determine if this is a MIDP wide issue or just one with this particular phone.

I also created and loaded a test level into the new game, all the graphics and gameplay features are now in except the pesky collision detection and actual levels! Woo.

Anyway back to banging my head into this code.
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mwah ha ha! i have hijacked ben's username for this. cheers for that charles but it all went right over my head, not a clue what any of it means really but i appreciate the gesture of you giving me something to read instead of b3ta at least for a little while. x

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