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From a gameplay point of view, I'd choose Fascism. From a waffley-pancakes point of view (read: which one is more awesome), I'd go with Communism.

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Speaking of waffles, I wanted to have some but then I realized I was all out of


Oh, but I choose fascism overall.

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I would go with the one on the left only because the comment "Fascism can cause blunt trauma and/or violent death. Keep fascism away from children and pets." made me laugh -> [lol]

From a purely political standpoint, I'm not particularly inclined towards either facism or communism [smile]


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Well, they both look really good. I'm going to have to go with the Communism one because the little quote at the bottom is better ( Ah... the joys of Socialism) .

I'm German.

.... I'm Czech.....

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Wait a minute... do we have cards for caek, pi, cake, or pie yet?!

If not, get crackin'!

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What do I look like, a slave?


Don't answer that. I'll work on them as soon as I finish up this font.

Sir Sapo: I didn't have room to fit it in, but both those quotes were leeched off a post made by kSquared in a political thread.

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Caek exists already. I'm not sure about pie though. I want to see Richard Simmons!


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I'll give you two choices:

  • Option A) You make the cards, your genitals stay intact, and not once are you, ahem, "violated."
  • Option B) You neglect to create the cards I requested, so I call the gimp over and let him have his way with you.

  • Choose wisely.

    EDIT2: I also want Richard Simmons. Work faster, Mushu!

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    I remember that episode. I also remember turning the TV off when they started playing "props" and Richard Simmons partnered with Wayne Brady and started flirting with him.

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