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Another update

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Still playing with the parameters. I'm now simulating atmosphere colors (while waiting for a proper implementation) by alpha blending between the ground color and a blue-ish color at 80%. Clouds alpha adjusted too. Added a kind of specular effect (as seen on the left side) that does not satisfy me.

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1) That specular highlight looks REALLY sure you've got the math right on that?

2) Have you looked at atmospheric scattering at all? I remember some people made some planet demos and adding that resulted in a significant IQ boost.

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Mmm, I see what you mean on the specular. I think it's too bright. It might be right if the planet were really close to a sun or something, but then it would cover a larger area.

If I could do one thing to improve the quality of the image, I'd look into increasing the resolution of the textures used. What sizes are you currently using?

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Two things are mainly wrong with the specular (it was just a quick test):

1. It's applied the same way on all surfaces (in reality ocean has more specular than land).

2. It's using the light direction to compute the specular coefficient, instead of using something that is also camera dependant.

Atmosphere scattering is on its way, maybe in a fewy days, who knows ?


The textures in these screenshots are 512x512. The window being 800x600 and the planet a bit smaller than that, it's pretty close to a 1:1 ratio. Actually i tried to increase the textures resolution to 1024x1024 and 2048x2048, it helps when the camera is closer to the planet, but at the screenshots distance, it's hard to notice a difference.

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