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Early Screenshots

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First Shot

I need to get some work done today, but I will post about the water, hopefully starting tomorrow or Thursday.

I have been dealing with a host of technical problems, including my Treo 600 losing its mind and having to be restored from scratch, and my UPS backup system going haywire this morning and needing to be replaced.

I took the opporunity to reorganize the cables around my 2 pcs, and in the process, hooked up & booted my old pc, and I finally was able to grab some early dev pictures of the engine, including the first ever half-way decent picture that my engine made.

Here is a picture using the per-vertex shadowing & ambient occlusion method.

first shot

Also, here is a shot of the triangle ids rendered out as colors to the lightmap. This method gave me many problems with very thin triangles, as found on the fluted columns.


Finally, here is a shot of the per-vertex lighting with the aver aged-L bump mapping method applied. I think it looked fairly good with high tessellation.

two lights
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The lightmapping looks good, but could we get a higher-res shot of the final image?

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Sadly, no, this is the only shot of this I can find right now - it's a couple years old.

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