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Stephen R


This DXUT sample framework is quite nifty. You get set up with a testbed in no time whatsoever. The GUI stuff is really nice too in its simplicity.

I think I'm going to write a small terrain demo in it. Simple heightmap based stuff with a single dirt texture thrown over the whole thing. It'll be ugly as hell but I just want to try it out. If it turns out well I'll make a better one, this is just to hack one together, and see how it all works.

I didn't get much work done apart from messing around with the DX framework because I went to see Willy Wonka today with some friends. They didn't seem to like it, but I loved it. It was different enough from the original that I still see them both as completely seperate films, but this improved in one or two areas that always bothered me about the first.


I always found it odd that Charlie CHOOSE his grandfather, especially over his mother who was the sole provider for the familly. At least in this one grandpa volunteers, and there is a valid reason for him doing so.

Also in the original Charlie also makes a mistake, in drinking the fizzy stuff, and yet his handing back the never-ending gob stopper at the end redeems him. It was an opportunity not given to the other children and as such I always felt Charlie didn't really earn his victory.

The one thing that was far supperior in the original film was when they were on the boat going through the tunnel and Wonka had the most entertaining monologue. That is one of my all time favourite movie moments.


All in all, worth seeing, especially if you are Burton fan like me.
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