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Alright, so I didn't get any work done on the project. It's kind of shameful, but the job is really killing me right now. I can't wait till I'm not working anymore. Only two more weeks. I got home at 9 tonight, and now I'm going to bed cause they want me to come in a 8 tomorrow, which means I'm getting up at 6 tomorrow... ::sigh::... they completely forgot it was supposed to be my day off.

But on a lighter note, I got paid today. My newegg order has already gone through. After I get this order (keyboard & mouse, GF6600 graphics card, pro-audio soundcard, and DVD burner. DVD burners run CDs, right? God I hope they do...) all I need are some kick-ass headphones and the OS. Then I have to get to work ordering recording equipment from Musician's Friend. Podcast, baby!

"Call out Gouranga be happy!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga...!
That which brings the highest happiness!"

So anyhow, I'm looking into looking at sourcecode for three different kinds of games, or atleast some kind of post-mordem or tutorial of how these kinds of games are made. Old style 2D RPG games, early Final Fantasy or such style (nudge Archwizard). Then I was interested in some kind of RTS (nudge Stompy), and ... damn, I forgot the third kind. Oh well, those two atleast.

So anyway, tomorrow I will have worth-while content.

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Yeah, DVD burners will play CDs too, at least mine does.

and ... damn, I forgot the third kind. Oh well, those two atleast.

if it was "kick-ass 2D old-school flight action game", I think I can help you out[grin].

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Actually, I'm doing a Turn based strategy game, but some of the code could easily work in an RTS.

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