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An Update

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Ok, I've been gone forever (been back for a week or two now), and this is what's basically happened from my last entry.

As I said before, I applied for grad school but was too late on the application. Well, I was looking around for some reason and made an interesting discovery on the grad school website: there really are two dates posted for the deadline! So it turns out I wasn't an idiot/crazy after all, and my application was on time. About mid June I got my acceptance letter! I'm going to grad school this fall! If your interested I'll be focusing on AI. I've taken the undergrad level AI class before, and last semester I took the grad level AI class and really enjoyed it so I know that's where I'd like to go. Also the AI group at CSU is actually really good, especially I guess at computer vision, but I haven't decided what area of AI I'm interested in yet.

Unfortunately it seems like if something good is going to happen, something really bad also has to happen. This time I was homeless. See, the problem is my job for this last year was working at the school in one of the computer labs, and when the year ended, so did my job. So I was going to just live with my dad while I found some job to work during grad school (I'm working on getting either a teacher's assistant or research assistant job at the school, but that I was too late in applying for for this fall, so it will have to wait). Well, for reasons I'd rather not go into my dad lost his house. So, with no real better option, I went to South Dakota for a while to stay with my mom (also, I had two family reunions up there within a month of each other, so things didn't work out so bad with that). While up there I did lots of nothing and developed a humorous farmer's tan.

Anyway, I'm back now because my dad got another house, but unfortunately it's totally far from my school. It kinda sucks living here, but my Dad is cool and I still have money saved up from my job, and with my student loans all I need is some kind of income and I can move out immediatly. So that's where I stand now, gonna try to get either a job at my uni or an internship somewhere, otherwise I'm washing dishes :).
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