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It's a game console that comes with a guide showing you how it was made, how you can rebuild it better, tools to connect it to your computer and program for it, peripherals (compatible with a lot of Atari stuff), etc. You can also buy a 'do-it-yourself-expansion-chip' kit amoung other things.

Basically, it's a do it yourself game console designed to give you the knowledge to make your own game console. Most people scoff at the price because it comes with such cheap parts (I found an SX52 processor that only costs about $7 for instance), and a lot of people don't like Andre Lamothe, so this thing has caught a lot of flak :)

I think it's awesome though, I can't wait to get one. It's not as weak as people say, the aformentioned processor runs at an 80mhz frequency whereas the Super Nintendo had a 3.5mhz processor.

The only other person I have heard of getting one is MindWipe on this site, and he is actually programming for it, so you could probably ask him how he likes it if you're interested.

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