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I less than three Mushu

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Evil Steve


I also have a card! Yay!
Evil Steve
Major kudos to Mushu [grin]

Also, I got a 10% warning level [cry]. I'm not about to say why, but you can look at Mushu's journal about Bit Torrent. I deleted my post after Mikhail said he was looking for Mushu in A Place That Does Not Exist. It said: "lol har har you stupid I got it 5 hours ago". I'm sure you can fill in the blanks.

I'm off out to see a friends band; A Day Late In December play at Opium, a club in Edinburgh
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lol, they ended up getting you too. Sorry for dragging you into that :X

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Yay, im the spitit of the card, I'm veryu drunk. yay.

I think tybhis is the fun time and thhe fun place to be in. yayzzooe. woop woop. i neeeeeed to sover up and to senisble up to thee wake. mmhmmm. TA SI RRRHHHTEH ROXZOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRcapss oss off noww. cqaps suiccls./ csapss os for littel girlsz. yay. theeres abutton at bte bottom of the buttons. loallz. pressig tieemm.,

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