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Update, Update, Update

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Dungeon Siege II DEMO
Mmmmm. This game has been a blast so far and I am highly anticipating the release of the full version. :D

If you haven't tried this DEMO out yet, you surely need to locate yourself a PCGAMER magazine or a Website to snag a copy of it. The combat system, the interface, the movement, the gameplay... Awsome.

New Pad + BIKE
Everything is near tip-top shape around the new appartment. I LOVE this place. Its cheap, $365 per month (+GAS, +CABLE/INTERNET, +ELECTRIC (all split two ways)), it is RIGHT next to campus, not even a half of a mile, which is considerably better then last semester, and it is just the perfect size for two people.

Yesterday I went out and snagged myself a new Bicyccle. I have not ridden a bike in nearly 8 years and I didn't crash/burn! I'm happy! LOL.

Scope it out:

Code, Code, Code
I am finally getting some time to sit down to read and code. Not a lot going on in this area. I'm about to start reading into something that I haven't steped into too much, Containers and Algorithsm.

I'm thinking about either starting to make a well planned out TextRPG or Adventure game; along the lines of the Zork series -- except a lot more user friendlier. The more I keep reading, the more I think in my head, "I could probably learn a LOT more if I actually just start a project".

We will see. I'll update you all when I have something concrete

return 0;
Well, I've got my bike and now its time to get up and move a bit! Take care everybody!
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HOLY SHITE! There's a Dungeon Siege II DEMO? *Neil runs to the nearest fire alarm and pulls it*

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