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Alright, so I spent today prepping the third level for manual insertion. And then I realized what I have ahead of me. So like I said, I wanted to do all of the in-code Office-Level code over the weekend, with nother to do over the weekdays. But looking closely at what I'll need for the third level, I realized that there is still much work to be done before it's completely ready to be built. So I compiled a short list of the following classes I'll need for this perticular level, and possibly future levels...
  • mechent: Read as mech-ent (or Mech Entity), this will be a hulking mech warrior that moves slowly forward, stomping along, then stopping breifly to shoot a missile and/or a few bullets. It's an easy modification of the trooperent I use for the GPD (Garronberg Police Department). I could also use mechent to make little officers with rocket-launchers
  • missile: Self explanitory? It's a missile that has it's little starting point, starts moving slowly and then gradually propels itself at you. Then it explodes and stuff when it gets close. Easy modification of class 'bullet'.
  • solidvert & solidhoriz: This should be safe of most glitches. Just allows me to take a simply block of any size and make long or tall objects of these, sort of using them as tiles. I have one for horizontal platforms that you can jump up through, but I need horizontal and verticle with colision detection on all sides, not just the top. Another easy modification.
So I'm pretty sure with those done by Sunday (by doing them along with all of the place-holder art on my remaining weekdays and Saturday) I can be playing the complete third level by the end of the weekend. And then there's the first attempt at boss code, which is either going to be a breeze or seemingly impossible. But when have I ever given up!?

More pikt4rz for my next entry I hope. Thanks for reading, more tomorrow!

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I hate it when you think you've finished all the game code, and then you start making levels and noticing what you forgot.

So when can your artist get some non-programmer art(no offense Stompy) into the game?

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Ugh, that's farther down the line, unfortunalty. I don't think I'll have much to show untill the end of the month. Luckily when the time comes, I have a pretty large team of artists at my disposal who are pretty highly motivated and easy to manage, and once we set up a system we'll be able to swap out the art and start marketing the game.


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